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Try the fastest growing sport in Chicago, Stand Up Paddleboarding, (or SUP) cleverly combined with Yoga. No, it's not for extreme athletes, its an incredible way to practice yoga on water while building whole body strength and balance.

Every Sunday /summer 2014/ Noon - 1:30pm
With Kayak Chicago @Montrose beach, Lake Michigan

Every Sunday /summer 2014/ 9:30am - 11:00am
With Chicago Paddle Co. @Hollywood beach Lake Michigan Questions? here's some good info to check out first.

Indo Board Workshops - A great way to train SUP anytime!
with Indo board Fitness Ambassador, Mary Lou Cerami

The skills necessary to balance on an unstable surface is important for everyone, regardless of current physical ability. Balance training is used to develop better balance and coordination, gain core strength and is widely used for rehabilitation to prevent and heal sports injuries - especially in the ankle or knee. Balance training is a great compliment to your fitness or yoga practice, cultivating holistic health, self-awareness and calm.

Indo board workout:
Havenít tried balance and core work on the Indo board yet? Itís a totally different kind of workout thatís challenging, different and fun. Working out on an unstable surface translates into a full body workout thatís great for building strength, balance and endurance.

Balance Core Yoga on the Indo board
Master your balance skills on the Indo board in this all-levels class. By incorporating balance on the Indo board with core and strength-building exercises, you will sculpt long lean muscles, improve endurance, develop incredible balance skills and train your body in a totally different way.

By practicing Yoga and balance poses on an unstable surface we utilize over 85% of the muscles in the body. Take your yoga practice to the next level.
Balance Core Yoga, 2 dates to choose from
Feb 1 or 9 1:30p at Samadhi Yoga studio in Glenview
Space is limited, learn more about this event.

Studio classes:
5:45 - 6:45pm: Healthy Backs
7 - 815pm: Yoga Bootcamp
Shanti Yoga Studio
2 - 3pm
Portage Park Senior Center
(65yrs or older)
10 - 11:15am: All levels Yoga
11:30 - 12:30pm: Yoga Bootcamp
Shanti Yoga Studio
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